Wide Loads

Wide Loads

As a leading haulage and transportation company in south Wales, we are often asked to assist with the transportation of wide loads across Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom. Over the past twenty years our investments in our fleet, trailers and staff have ensured that we are able to help with a vast majority of requests.

Wide load haulage can be some of the most challenging and trying of transports, especially to other people who have to share the road with a slower moving wide vehicle. To help reduce the impact on other road users as well as increase safety, we have our own escort vehicles to accompany our wide loads wherever they go. We also personally inspect the routes and plan them exceptionally carefully to ensure that not only are they the safest but also that they are the more efficient options so that you cargo arrives on time.

Ensuring Wide Load Regulation Compliance

Few people know that most of the hard work involved with wide load transport is the initial planning and documentation processes necessary to transport abnormal loads across the country. For international abnormal transport the paperwork is even more complicated - fortunately our twenty years of experience ensures that our wide load haulage services are nothing but smooth sailing for all involved.


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