Long Loads

Long Load Haulage Across Wales and the UK

Thanks to our specialist equipment and trailers we are able to provide long load haulage solutions for loads of up to 50ft with no problems. Our fleet of vehicles and trailers has been grown over the last twenty years to include a variety of specialist vehicles that are ideally suited to load loads.

Over the last twenty years we have been able to expand our service offering constantly to cater to longer and more unique abnormal loads. In addition to the traditional long loads such as telephone mast transport, roofing truss transport and even bridge transport, there is little that we cannot transport.

All of the staff that are involved with transporting your long load have been fully trained to the highest levels to ensure that not only does your cargo arrive safely on time, but that its transport fully complies with legislation regarding abnormal and long load transport.

We are able to provide long load haulage services for:

  • Steel transport
  • Marine equipment & Railway carriages & Aircraft wings
  • Bridges
  • Lighting columns & Telephone masts
  • Roof sections
  • Pipeline transport
  • Wind turbine blades

Our long load services traditionally are for cross UK travel, but we are able to haulage to Europe as well.


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